The Book
The Book
The Saga of the Molly Lama and St. Paula of Gramercy Park
“The Saga” is a high-octane ride through the spiritual world, from the Pyramids of Egypt, to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, to the hot springs of Northern CA, to the ashrams of India, and then back home again. Imagine “Eat, Pray, Love” meets “Sex and the City,” or else envision “Bridget Jones” goes to India with Paula, her newfound best friend and spiritual mentor. These girls may take the quest seriously but certainly not themselves.
Throughout their travels the Molly Lama and St. Paula meet up with some of the leading lights of the New Age, including renegade Egyptologist, John Anthony West; John Gray, of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” fame; John Mack, the controversial Harvard psychiatrist known for his investigation of alien abduction; and Ramtha, “The Enlightened One,” the channeled sage featured in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know.”
Molly is a thirty-something, ex-debutante who is on the quest for the meaning of life. Once divorced and twice shy, she is not anxious to make that mistake again. Thinking that avoiding men and seeking enlightenment may be the solution to the vicissitudes of the ephemeral world, she longs to find a spiritual teacher up to the task. So when Molly, a black sheep blueblood, meets Paula, an angelic, free-spirited, forthright connoisseur of Indian philosophy, they bond immediately and head off on the high road to spiritual adventure.
Determined to leave no cult behind, Molly and Paula go to the clothing optional resort of Harbin Hot Springs to attend a workshop of Paul Lowe, heir apparent to controversial sex-guru Rajneesh, not that they are there for the sex, although in the process Molly comes face to face with all her issues with men. For the turn of the millennium they set off for India to the ashram of a up-and-coming miracle master, not that they are there for the miracles. Finally they end up back in Mexico because they want to see Ramtha in the flesh, even if it isn't his flesh, and Molly and Paula find that red wine and pipe tobacco take on a whole new meaning.
And when it looks like “putting the kingdom of heaven first” may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, Molly finds enlightenment where she least expects it.
The Saga of the Molly Lama by Molly Chesire